My Remote Bookkeeping Services Include:

Assets / equipment ledger maintenance

Fixed Assets to be added, depreciation to be applied, proper organization of the equipment and assets to be implemented – we can help you in managing your fixed assets.

General ledger maintenance

Periodic reconciliation of General Ledgers is one of the most important activities in order to generate financial statements. We offer monthly and quarterly plans to reconcile your general ledgers.

Expenses ledger maintenance

All businesses whether big or small need to record their expenses in a structural format for the management to see trends and make meaningful decisions. We help our clients in creating and maintaining this structure thereby reducing the seepages.

Accounts receivable services

Losing track of where your payments are stuck up ? We help in customers accounts reconciliation and periodic reports on the Accounts Receivables helping you improve the cash flow.

Accounts payable services

Unable to keep track of the payments to make on a timely basis – we help you in setting  up and reconciling your supplier ledgers and sending monthly reports on payments to be made as per the credit period available and payment terms.

Preparing ageing reports & summaries

We have expertise in most accounting softwares and together with our technical team of programmers can implement the ageing reports as required by the client. These reports help in maintaining proper cash flow by giving a time bound view of A/C Receivables & Payables.

Bank account reconciliation services

The first and the foremost activity to properly manage your business is to reconcile the bank account(s). Our expert bookkeepers are trained to manage this core task with the least botheration to the client. We offer several plans for daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly reconciliation of bank accounts.

Credit card reconciliation services

Although making payments through credit cards seems to be simple enough however if timely reconciliation is not done – it can prove to be a tedious and time-consuming task to gather up the invoices from the emails. We offer various plans for monthly & quarterly reconciliation of credit cards.

Cash flow management, etc.

All businesses whether big or small require proper cash flow management in order to optimize the operations and keep the growth on track. Through the aging reports, summaries, and other reports we help you better plan your cash flows.

Anything Else ?

Looking for any other bookkeeping service not explicitly mentioned above? We’d love to hear from you to learn about your requirements. Feel free to connect or to ask any questions you have about our services and offerings.

Payroll reconciliations

Got a problem reconciling your Payroll payments. We can help you in properly setting up the payroll ledger and monthly/quarterly reconciliation leading to the proper recording of payroll expenses. We can also help you in automatic payments and structuring of the payroll ledgers.

Inventory reconciliation

Inventory, not bing reported correctly? This can lead to funds being tied up or large finance costs that could otherwise have been used to grow the business. We offer periodic reconciliation and management of inventory services based on client requirements leading to better funds utilization and turnaround of the stock being held by the business.

Specialized Bookkeepig Services