Bookkeeping For Real Estate Companies


We are a solid partner in the field of accounting services , with over 25 years of accounting experience.


We are a team of experienced certified accountants with a solid professional background in managing companies of different sizes and demanding follow-up!


Our management experience , in our company and in the companies of our customers and business partners, helps you to take the right steps to increase profit.

Accounting Solutions for Real Estate

We provide Bookkeeping services that are more comprehensive, flexible, and adaptive to the realities of your business.

We are aware of your requirements. In this way, we provide timely updates on the progress of your business so you don’t have to worry about accounting, salaries, or taxes.

Who is it for?

Our accounting service (as well as Management Solutions) is designed for businesses that engage in mediation, fundraising, real estate appraisal, and condominium management.

We are confident that our accounting business can make a difference because of our experience working with real estate enterprises.

Bookkeeping For Real Estate


Monthly Results Maps

Presentation of monthly results through intuitive, simple and easy-to-analyze maps with special attention to the analysis of your marketing margins (sales/purchases) compared to the appropriate margins for your sector. Information in good time, which enhances the taking of the best decisions.

Commercial Management Software Offer

Save on your management software costs: BookkeeperGuruji provides a commercial management software free of charge so you don’t have unnecessary annual costs.

Security in Tax Compliance

We guarantee maximum security in tax compliance, without worries, uncertainties or forgetfulness. Our SMS alert service avoids paying unnecessary fines.

Adjusted and Flexible Agreements

We know that not all businesses are the same, let alone your billing volume, issuing documents and requirements. In this way, we adapt the value of the agreements to the reality of the service company, depending on its size / documentary or billing requirement.

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